Learning Math!

Math Games

Here are about 20 different math games. The games range from Kindergarden to to sixth grade in academic difficult. Choose whichever one you want, and have fun!

Directions: Press either the link or view full screen to play the game. If one of the games is an arcade game, do NOT touch the green start now button. Simply choose a game ( for example Pacman) and it will load automatically.

Arcade Game Multiplication 1-10


Arcade Game Volume of a cube.

Volume= lwh


Arcade Game . Area of a square, rectangle, and triangle.

Square/Rectangle= lw

Triangle= 1/2 bh


Arcade Game Perimeter of Shape. ( Add up all sides).


Random Games

Counting Game using items

Meaning of Numbers using objects.

Match the word to a shape.

Matching Shape to Shape

Learning coin amounts.

Match the digital time with analog time.

Compare numbers of items

Matching the word with the fruit.

Random Activities

Math song

ISpy Game- AH

I Spy Google Doc. ( Print out and circle the object it says to find on the page). Press the image and then the arrow button to launch it.

Counting Game with Abacus.

Number Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are easy Jigsaw puzzles from Number 1-8! I set them at a medium level.

Random Picture Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are 4 random picture jigsaw puzzles.