Smells for Self Regulating

Smells for Calming Down

I have provided a list of smells so that you can explore and see if any may help you self regulate. These smells are not calming to every child with ASD so keep that in mind. It depends on your child. I also listed the benefits to each one.

Keep in mind these are based off of statistics and research I did. That does not ensure it will help your child in these aspects; it is just what is statistically shown.

Disclaimer: Use these with caution and talk to their doctor before using them.

Tea Tree Oil


  1. It may help to retain composure.

  2. It may insulate skin from sensory sensitive agents.

  3. It may kill bacteria.

Drawbacks: Strong Odor for children who are highly sensitive to smell.

Manderin Oil


  1. It may calm children who are fond of a citrusy scent like oranges.

  2. It may help with anxiety.

  3. It is known to be the sweetest and most calming of all citrus essential oils

  4. It may aid in sleeping.

Drawbacks: It can cause you to be more sensitive to the sun.

Chamomile Oil


  1. It may have anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing abilities.

  2. It may help relieve congestion.

  3. It may help with digestion.

  4. It is one of the best essential oils for fighting stress and anxiety.

  5. It may help reduce meltdowns and reduce hyperactivity.

Drawbacks: It can cause drowsiness if you give it in large doses.

Peppermint Oil


  1. It may give a cooling sensation.

  2. It may have calming effect on the body.

  3. It may help improve mental focus.

  4. It is one of the most popular essential oils among children with ASD and ADHD.

Drawbacks: It has a strong odor again and due to that it can cause headaches if your child is sensitive to smell.

Lavender Oil


  1. It may have antioxidants that helps your body from preventing against sickness.

  2. It may have a calming effect for children with ASD.

  3. It may help improve sleep quality.

  4. It may be used to reduce anxiety and other emotional stress.

Drawbacks: If you use too much it might cause sleepiness or drowsiness.

Sandalwood Oil


  1. It may help with mental clarity.

  2. It may be good if you like a sweet woodsy smell.

  3. It may have a relaxing and calming effect on children with ASD.

  4. It may have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Drawbacks: It is safe over most of the essential oils; however, if it is used excessively it might cause itchiness.

Vetiver Oil


  1. It may help a child with ASD or ADHD concentrate better.

  2. It may help a child with ASD to not get distracted as easily.

  3. It also may help a child with ASD become more patient.

Drawbacks: It is also known to be very safe among all the essential oils. There are no proven side effects yet for children with ASD.

Frankincense Oil


  1. It may have anti- bacterial and anti-viral properties.

  2. It may aid in releasing tension from respiratory infections and indigestion.

  3. For children with ASD, this oil may help them stay focused.

  4. It may reduce stress and negative emotion for a child with ASD.

Drawbacks: It is another oil that does not have many drawbacks except that if it is pure, it is recommended to be watered down before use.