Breathing Tips

Breathing Tips

Here are some videos of different types of deep breathing technique from the web that are used for self regulating. I also listed two videos from the web for yoga and getting the silly's out.

Bear Breaths

Pretend you are a cozy and relaxed bear who is hibernating for the winter.

Breath in a big, slow breath through your nose and fill your entire bear cave.

Now blow all of the air back out of your cave.

Star Breathing

Star Breathing-AH

S.T.A.R stands for Smile, Take a deep breath in through your nose, And Pause before Relaxing as you blow the air out of your mouth.

Print out a picture of a the start listed to the side of the video. Then trace the start and do what it says to do along the way to calm yourself down.

Dragon Breathing

Close your eyes.

Breath in deep through your nose for 4 seconds.

Exhale for 6 seconds and pretend to breather fire out of your mouth by blowing the air out like a dragon. This is good for transitioning out of anger.

Practicing Yoga Video

Get the silly's out Video