Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks

To Calm Down

  • Deep Dive- take a deep breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds. Do one of your breathing exercises listed on the top.

  • Superhero Pose- stand up with your feet shoulder width apart, chest out, and hands on hips.

  • Stretching- Do about 5 stretches to calm down. For example, downward dog, the tree pose, reaching to the sky, touching your toes, and more.

  • Play the quiet game- Play this game with someone for 5 Minutes and see if your child can stay quiet.

  • Count to 10- Slowly count to 10 so that you can slow yourself down.

To Energize

  • Wiggle your body- Shake your hands, arms, legs, and head for 5 seconds.

  • Dance like...- Have your child dance around based off of a description you give them. For example, dance like you only have one leg.

  • Word Jam- Have your child say a word and then do a movement with that word. Then you say his word and movement and add a word and movement. He then has to say both when he adds one. Keep doing that for however long you want.

  • Bounce- a ball for 5 minutes

  • Run or Walk- around a room for 1 minute.

To Focus

  • Play I Spy with someone- find something in the room and play I spy with someone for 5 minutes.

  • Draw whatever you want- give your child a sheet of paper and allow them to draw whatever they want and give them about 5 minutes to do this.

  • Thinking of Words- Tell your child to think of as many words as they can starting with a specific letter from the alphabet. Put on a 5 minute timer for them while they think.

  • Play Simon Says- Do it with someone.

  • Play rock, paper, scissors- Do it with someone.