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Autism is a developmental disorder in the nervous system which affects how children communicate and learn. This website was created specifically for autistic children who are academically performing at K-6 level. This has been implemented in Southern New Mexico, but it can be used anywhere.

It was also created for the purpose of being easily accessible, free, and no need for membership. This website is meant to supplement the current educational system to support K-6 learning and is catered to those with autism. Keep in mind a teacher, therapist, or guardian will need to help with navigating this website. Additionally, this website can not take the place of school; it is designed to provide fun learning activities for children with ASD. I will also keep editing along the way to better support a variety of needs.

Autism Hub seeks to help every individual autistic child learn STEM subjects in a fun way, have a place to express their creativity, self regulate, and provide extra activities to support their social and speech skills. Autism Hub is open to any tips that any professional might have so that this website can be as fun and useful as possible. The google forms to leave your feedback is down below.


"If you've met one autistic child, you've met one autistic child"(Dunne).

About the creator

Hi! My name is Shreeya Moolamalla, and I am currently at high school senior at Mesilla Valley Chrisitan School from 2022-2023. At the age of 14, I founded a not for profit organization called HandinHand. This organization aims to bring high school students to be leaders in their community by helping the underprivileged children in Dona Ana Community. Through this, I have met children with autism , and I have gotten more interested in researching about autism. I saw a need in making a website specifically for K-6 children with autism in the classroom. I have met with many professionals to help me design this website, and I hope this website can be as resourceful as possible. Enjoy!

Also I am not a professional and I realize there is always room for improvement. So please give me your feedback below.


Thank you to those who provided feedback and supported me as I created this website!

Kelsey Ragen: Baylor University Autism Resource Clinic

Melanie Dunne: Therapist at Amistad Family Services

Madison Rowlison: Occupational Therapist at the Play Lab

Donna Evrage- Therapist at the Play Lab

Nicole Lucero- Therapist at the Play lab

Breanna Humphrey- Therapist at the Play Lab

Sandi Maynes- Speech language Pathologist at the Play Lab

Abigail Dobrowolski- Speech therapist at the Play Lab

Alyssa Tovar- Special Education teacher and director at Vista Middle School

Vicki Alguamar- NMSU autism department. She was a speech Pathologist for 11 years.

Maura Kochevar- Special Education Teacher at Valley View Elementary

Senor Daves- Spanish Teacher at Mesilla Valley Christian Schools

Lastly and most importantly thank you to all the children I have met along the way. You guys are the reason this was possible and I hope you enjoy!

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