This page contains numerous writing prompts to allow children to be creative. Teachers and guardians keep in mind that this page will require your assistance due to getting to the prompts. But it is designed to be simple and everything is linked.

Also here is my contact information if you choose to write it on a specific piece of paper.

My personal email: shreeyamoolamalla@gmail.com

My business email: handinhandcfsnm@gmail.com

Instructions: You can choose to write on a separate piece of paper, take a video of yourself talking ,or you can type. If you choose to do take a video of yourself go to the bottom of the page and have your teacher or guardian help you. If you choose to type, click the google slide icon on the bottom right hand corner of the template. It will take you automatically to your google account and make a copy for you.

(Also for the google slides, if you want a full screen view, press the image above. Make sure it is only the image. It will give you the option to press the arrow and see the google slide in a full view).

Creative Prompts A-Z for 5th grade and up

Every prompt has a word starting with the letter represented, and so far there are 130 prompts! You can use it just to spark ideas.

Make sure you send it to me or you make a video of yourself speaking so I can automatically see it. Also if you send it you can get featured on this website!

Prompts A (Older Kids)

Prompt A

Prompts B (Older Kids)

Prompt B

Prompt C (Older Kids)

Prompt C

Prompt D (Older Kids)

Prompt D

Prompt E (Older Kids)

Prompt E

Prompt F(Older Kids)

Prompt F

Prompt G(Older Kids)

Prompt G

Prompt H(Older Kids)

Prompt H

Prompt I (Older Kids)

Prompt I

Prompt J (Older Kids)

Prompt J

Prompt K (Older Kids)

Prompt K

Prompt L (Older Kids)

Prompt L

Prompt M (Older Kids)

Prompt M

Prompt N (Older Kids)

Prompt N

Prompt O (Older Kids)

Prompt O

Prompt P (Older Kids)

Prompt P

Prompt Q (Older Kids)

Prompt Q

Prompt R (Older Kids)

Prompt R

Prompt S (Older Kids)

Prompt S

Prompt T (Older Kids)

Prompt T

Prompt U (Older Kids)

Prompt U

Prompt V (Older Kids)

Prompt V

Prompt W (Older Kids)

Prompt W

Prompt X (Older Kids)

Prompt X

Prompt Y (Older Kids)

Prompt Y

Prompt Z (Older Kids)

Prompt Z

Creative Worksheets

These are all fun worksheets that easier ways of expressing your creativity. There are 20 worksheet right now, but I will be adding more progressively. This is mainly for children who can't write bigger stories yet. I still do recommend a teacher or guardian to guide you through this, but other than that enjoy!

Build the sentence- AH

Build the Sentence

Yes or No- AH

Yes or No

What do you see?- AH 1

What do you see?

What do you see?- AH 2

What do you see?

What do you see- AH 3

What do you see?

Verbs Practice

Verbs Practice

The Alphabet Chart- AH

Alphabet Chart

Sentence Writing-AH

Sentence Writing

Sentence Mixups-AH

Sentence Mixups

Matching Game- AH

Matching Game

Fix the sentence-AH

Fix the Sentence

Fix it Sentence- 2- AH

Fix the Sentence- 2

Finish the sentence random- AH

Fix the sentence- Random

Build the Sentence 2- AH

Build the Sentence-2

All About my Family-AH

All about my family

All About me- AH

All about me

“Bee” Creative- AH

"Bee" Creative

What Should I Say- AH

What should I say?

Finish the Sentence- AH

Finish the Sentence- Hallowwen Theme

Finish the Sentence- My Morning

Finish the Sentence- My Morning


Handwriting is an important part of learning. Use these tracing worksheets to improve your handwriting and your knowledge about ABC's, Numbers, and Shapes.

Tracing ABC's- AH

Tracing ABC's

Tracing Numbers 1-10- AH

Tracing Numbers

Tracing Shapes- AH

Tracing Shapes

Rewrite your own endings...

Take one of your favorite stories and make your own changes to it! For example, you can change the ending of Cinderella.

No matter what you do have fun with it and be creative! Make sure to share it with me as well. You can do that by sending an email of your paper or making a video on Flipgrid.

One Word Prompts

One Word Prompts...

Listed on the left is another google slides with many different words. Choose one word and create your own story incorporating this word.

I recommend a teacher or guardian be there for proper guidance as well.

Easy Mindmapping-AH
MindMapping for Autism Hub

Mind Mapping outline

This is a great way to help children with ASD plan out projects and learn visually. It allows one to see the whole picture but also focus on details.

Writing Reflection Journal. Autism Hub

Reading Response Journal

To teachers and guardians: After the child has written a story, have them write down two things they liked and two thing they would change.

Reflections and opinions are a important process of letting children's brains with ASD make connections for the next time they do it.

Make a video response instead

Hi guys! Follow the directions below so you can post a video on flipgrid to these prompt. I know a lot of children work different so this your chance to speak and tell me whatever story you desire! You need an adult to guide you.

Instructions: Press the image on the side and then you will see a little arrow in a box. Press that arrow and it will take you to the right link. Sign into your email and record your video.