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Hi guys! This is the art page, and I list many different ideas for drawing as well coloring pages I made myself. Also remember, it doesn't have to be a specific time of year to draw the ideas I listed. These are just ideas I categorized through holidays, but feel free to do it any time of the year. Also feel free to draw whatever you want because these are just ideas for you. I will be adding more as we go along as well. Have fun and and share your creations with me!

I also added the flipgrid link on the bottom of this page as well. You can upload videos of you talking about your artwork if you find that easier.

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New Years Day/Eve

Drawing Ideas

  1. Fireworks

  2. City of New York Time Square

  3. An Animal in a party hat holding up a "Happy New Year" sign

  4. People sitting at a table celebrating with party hats and drinks.

  5. A clock that says Happy New Year

  6. A party hat with noise makers and drinks on a table

  7. A creative New Years Eve Sign

  8. A Man blowing a horn with a party hat on

  9. A picture of your family celebrating the New Year

  10. A picture of your New Years Resolution

Arts and Crafts

  1. Happy New year Countdown Clocks. Cut your own circle and make a clock. Countdown until it is the New Year!

  2. Create your own Happy New Years sign. Use things from your own household. (Idea: use cotton balls, glue to a paper plate, and spell the letters to create the phrase "Happy New Year").

  3. Sparklers made out of paper. Use toilet paper rolls to paint it and design it. Then cut a bunch of thin strips of paper an attach to toilet paper roll.

  4. New Years Eve Party hats. Use paper to make a cone shape and design the hat with streamers, sparkles, colors, etc.

  5. Stars made out of popsicle sticks. Attach a bunch of popsicle sticks to each other to create a start and paint it with whatever design you want.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. A cartoon picture of Martin Luther King Junior

  2. A picture of the Lincoln Memorial (around the place Martin Luther Junior gave his speech)

  3. Five hands next to each other, holding each other. The hands are all different colors.

  4. A picture of audience while giving the speech

  5. Draw dove flying in the sky ( it represents freedom).

  6. Draw a picture with your friends.

  7. A picture of Martin Luther King with his friends

  8. A picture of the earth with children of different color surround the earth and holding hands.

  9. Make a creative sign advocating for peace.

  10. A Martin Luther King Jr. Statue in your favorite place

Arts and Crafts

  1. Paper Plate Peace Doves. On a paper plate design a dove and put sparkles, beads, and other things you can think of to outline a dove.

  2. Multi-Colored Hand Wreath. Get a bunch of different color paper and outline your hand onto each page. Then cut all of it out and attach all of the different color of hands to each other so it creates a circle.

  3. "I have a dream" cloud. Draw a cloud on paper and cut it out. Then write on the top of the paper I have a dream....on the rest of the cloud write the dreams you have.

  4. Friend Puppets. Use popsicle sticks to create a stick person. Then use paper to draw clothes, cut it out, and attach it. Paint the popsicle sticks different colors for each friend

  5. Attaching Paper Hands on Paper . Draw paper hands on two different colored papers. Cut it out and attach one color hand on one side and the other color hand on the other side. You can even cut out a paper heart and put it in the middle of the two different colored hands.

Presidents Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. A picture of your favorite president giving a speech

  2. A picture of the first ten presidents standing next to each other.

  3. A picture of the White House

  4. George Washington holding an American Flag

  5. Abraham Lincoln with his big hat

  6. Draw a picture of your favorite president on the 1,000 dollar bill.

  7. Draw a small portrait of every president we have had.

  8. A picture of yourself dressed as your favorite president

  9. A picture of Mount Rushmore ( a famous monument).

  10. A picture of you and your friends holding an American Flag.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Mini Figurines of presidents. Use toilet paper rolls and wrap paper around it. Glue a circular top like a ping pong ball on top of the toilet paper. Now on the toilet paper roll paint clothes, and on the circular top paint a face and hair.

  2. Paper Bag Puppets . Use simple brown paper lunch bags. and create a face on the flap with googly eyes. Draw a face and add accessories. For example, cut out a hat from paper or use cotton balls for a beard.

  3. Toilet Paper Roll Wig. Save your toilet paper rolls and paint them white. Them glue them together to create a wig.

  4. Pop-Up Whitehouse Card. Draw the white house and cut it out and make it stand up on another piece of paper to make it 3d.

  5. Finger Puppets with Popsicle Sticks. Take popsicle sticks and paint the color you want. Then glue a coin to the top of the popsicle stick. Depending on the president on the coin, accessorize it.

Memorial/Veterans Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. Drawing the American Flag in Heart Frame Silhouette.

  2. Draw a solider saluting.

  3. Design a banner thanking our American soldiers for their service.

  4. Draw the American Flag standing tall on a Mountain.

  5. Draw an eagle.

  6. Draw a picture of a cross to honor those who died for our country.

  7. Draw a soldier in combat.

  8. Draw you and your friends singing the national anthem.

  9. Draw a poppy, a type of flower. It represents remembering those who died for our country.

  10. Draw your States Flag.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Tissue Paper Flag. Glue a bunch of different colored paper tissues to mimic the American Flag.

  2. Make a "Thank you for your service" Card. Draw whatever you want on this and put a message on it.

  3. Create a American Ribbon . Create a Ribbon and design it like an American Flag.

  4. Design a Veterans Day Heart. Use paper to cut out a heart and add symbols that represent America.

  5. Paint a Star American flag colors. Cut out a start from paper and paint it with red, white, and blue.

Independence Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. Draw the prettiest firework in the night sky.

  2. Draw a picture of your family celebrating the 4th of July.

  3. Draw a picture of all the state flowers in the United States.

  4. Draw the Statue of Liberty in New York.

  5. Take a paper and fill the entire page with red, white, or blue ribbons, sparkles, and balloons.

  6. Draw an activity that you always do on the 4th of July ( For example: playing football)

  7. Draw a 4th of July hat.

  8. If you are from another country, find out when their independence day is, and draw that country's flag.

  9. Draw a picture of the United States.

  10. Draw a Picture of the State you live in and what your state looks like.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Paint a rock like an American Flag. Choose a medium sized rock from your backyard. Then paint the American Flag on it.

  2. Star Wreath. Cut out stars from red, white, and blue paper. and attach them all together to create a circle to make a wreath you can hang up.

  3. Red, White, and Blue Sand Art or slime. Collect a bunch of sand from outside your house in a jar. Then use food color to make three different colors: Red, white, and Blue. Then collect it in a jar for design. Or make slime and use food coloring to make it red, white, or blue.

  4. Patriotic Windsock. Use a paper plate and cut the middle area of the paper plate. Then on the edges of the paper plate attach strips of paper or streamers that are red, white, and blue. Then attach a string and hang it up,

  5. Fourth of July Bracelets. Attach red, white, and blue beads to a string and tie it together for a bracelet.

Thanksgiving Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. Draw a Turkey with glasses on.

  2. Draw a Pumpkin.

  3. Draw a picture of a tree and the leaves falling down with autumn colors.

  4. If You have a pet, draw your pet playing in the falling leaves.

  5. Draw your family sitting around the table ready to eat along with the thanksgiving table all set.

  6. Draw the Turkey after it is all cooked and everyone is ready to eat it.

  7. Draw your favorite Thanksgiving Dish.

  8. Draw something (s) you are thankful for.

  9. Draw a squirrel asking for food while you are eating all of your food.

  10. Draw a group of pilgrims and/or the Mayflower.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Make a Hand Turkey. Make body for a turkey out of paper and attach it to a separate sheet of paper. You can use leaves to imitate the turkeys feathers or you can dip your hand in paint and use that to imitate feathers.

  2. Make a Turkey out of Candy. For example, use oreos for the body and add googly eyes to it along with beads for a nose and mouth. The use candy corn to imitate feathers. Just be creative with it.

  3. Make a tree in the fall. Cut out a brown slip of paper for and attach it to another paper for the trunk. Then draw the branches of the tree. After, use real leaves from outside and attach it to your paper.

  4. Thankfulness List. Make cards that are shaped like leaves and write down what you are thankful for.

  5. Making corn out of popcorn Kernels. Use popcorn kernels and glue it on a separate sheet of paper, and shape it like corn.

Christmas Eve/Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. Draw picture of a Christmas tree and presents under the tree.

  2. Draw a picture of a snowman in the snow.

  3. Design your own ornament and draw a picture of it.

  4. Draw a picture of a character from your famous Christmas movie.

  5. Draw a picture of your house with a bunch of Christmas lights.

  6. Draw a Picture of Santa Claus and his Elves.

  7. Draw a picture of it snowing and icicles are on all the buildings.

  8. Draw a picture of the Santa's Reindeers traveling in the sky.

  9. Draw a picture of your favorite candy or tradition during Christmas season.

  10. Draw a picture of the grinch when he is happy.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Mini Christmas Trees with decorations. Cut out a triangle any colored paper ( green is the most traditional). Use straws, string, buttons, or anything else to imitate decorations for a Christmas tree.

  2. Santa and Reindeer Puppets. Use a paper plate and design Santa and attach to a popsicle stick. use paper to create a reindeer by and attach it to popsicle stick in the end.

  3. Make your own ornaments. You can use paper to cut out a small circle and design it however you want. Then use a string to attach it to the top and hang it up.

  4. Christmas Tree Paper Chain. Use paper strips that are green and red and and roll it around and then staple it. Keep attaching paper rings around each ring.

  5. Christmas Cards to Santa. Make your own Hand made Christmas card to Santa and tell him what you want. Design it with as much pictures as you can.

Valentines Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. Draw your favorite flower and write happy valentines day next to it.

  2. Draw a teddy bear holding a "I love you" sign.

  3. Draw a butterfly with wings shaped like a heart.

  4. Draw two animals of your choice hugging each other.

  5. Draw your favorite Disney and/or animated character holding a heart.

  6. Draw your favorite Disney princess with her prince.

  7. Draw chocolates that are shaped like hearts.

  8. Draw your favorite sweet treat.

  9. Draw yourself and someone you love and give it to them.

  10. Draw Mickey and Minnie Mouse together.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Make a Valentines Day Tree. Paint a tree trunk and and the leaves pink and red and make it shaped like a heart.

  2. Make a Heart Wreath. Cut out a bunch of heart from red and pink paper and then attach them together so they make a circle. Then attach a string so you can hang it up anywhere you want.

  3. Yarn- Wrapped Heart. Cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard and then wrap red or pink yarn around it until it is completely covered. When it is done, attach the last end to a side with either tape or glue.

  4. Miniature Paper Airplane Notes. Write a note to someone telling them how much you love them and then turn it into a paper airplane and give it to them.

  5. Butterfly Treats. Make good bags with valentines day candy and then attach them to a popsicle stick like butterfly wings. You can even make a face on the popsicle stick and add antennas out of paper.

St.Patricks Day

Drawing Ideas

  1. Draw a Leprechaun holding a cane.

  2. Draw a picture of what you might think Ireland looks like.

  3. Draw a Leprechaun har and make sure it is green.

  4. Draw a bunch of Shamrock leaves on a paper and color them green.

  5. Draw a Rainbow in the sky in Ireland.

  6. Draw Leprechaun Feet with their pointy green shoes.

  7. Draw a Pot of gold that says Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  8. Draw your favorite animal in a pot of gold.

  9. Draw a huge Shamrock leaf and add a fun pattern inside the leaf.

  10. Draw yourself dressed up for St. Patrick's Day.

Arts and Crafts

  1. 3d Pot of Gold. Cut out a black pot of gold and attach it to a new sheet of paper. Then attach a bunch cereal ( preferably circular ones) on top of the pot to represent gold.

  2. Tissue Paper Clover Ornament. Cut out clover shaped paper and then attach a bunch of different shades of green tissue paper to it. Lastly, add a string on top to hang it somewhere.

  3. Shamrock and Gold Nuggets Painted Rocks. Gather a bunch of small rocks and paint them gold color. Then gather medium rocks and paint a clover on it.

  4. Box of Fake Gold. Get a cardboard box and then paint your box green. Then cut out clovers and attach it to the box. Maybe even add rainbow streamers to the box.

  5. Leprechaun Stick Puppet. Attach a paper plate to a popsicle stick. Then make a leprechaun face on the paper plate and color it. Cut out your own hat from paper and glue it on top of the Leprechaun faces head.

Your Birthday!

Drawing Ideas

  1. Draw a Birthday Cake.

  2. Draw your favorite food to eat on your birthday.

  3. Draw your dream present for your birthday.

  4. Draw your favorite activity to do on your birthday.

  5. Draw yourself dressed up for your birthday.

  6. Draw candles on a cake.

  7. Draw confetti, streamers, and balloons on a page.

  8. Draw a piñata that is shaped like your favorite animal.

  9. Draw a picture of your favorite animal holding a piece of cake.

  10. Draw a minion giving you a piece of cake.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Your own Party Hats. Make your own party hat by taking taking paper and folding it into a cone. The draw a face on the cone and cut out ears from other paper to attach it.

  2. Glitter Slime. Take glue and add contact lens solution to it and it will turn to slime. Then add food coloring to it and glitter.

  3. Cupcake Liner Flowers. Take a bunch of cupcake wrappers and color. After attach it to each other like a flower. Then attach them to a straw. Make a bunch of them and put it in a jar like a bouquet.

  4. Beaded Necklaces/Bracelets. Get a string and add beads of your choice. Once it is done tie it up and and wear it.

  5. Cardboard Box Cake. Take a bunch of cardboard boxes and stack them on top of each other like layered cake. Then paint it to look like your dream cake!.


Drawing Ideas

  1. Draw a jack-O-lantern ( a light inside a carved pumpkin).

  2. Draw a ghost.

  3. Draw what you want to be for Halloween.

  4. Draw a haunted house.

  5. Draw a bat.

  6. Draw a big, fat spider on its web.

  7. Draw your favorite candy to get on Halloween.

  8. Draw a dancing skeleton.

  9. Draw a witch and/ or a wizard.

  10. Draw your favorite character from any show, channel, or movie in whatever costume you want.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Trick or Treat Bags. Get a small box from cardboard or make a box out of paper. Paint it ad design it in the costume you want. After, cut out a piece of paper, bend it to be a handle for your bag.

  2. Halloween Windsocks. Get a toilet paper roll and design it how you want. Then add streamers on the bottom and make your own hat out of paper for the top. Then attach a string and hang it up.

  3. Ghost Toilet Paper Roll. Get and Toilet paper and paint it white. Or you can stick actual toilet paper on the roll with glue. Then draw a ghost face once the whole roll is white with paint or toilet paper.

  4. Halloween faces on popsicle sticks. Get about six popsicle stick and stick them together. After, color and draw a monster on the popsicle sticks that are stuck together.

  5. Halloween masks. Cut out a mask shape from paper. Then use paper to make a hat, hair, fake spider, or other accessories you can attach. Lastly, punch two small holes on the sides with hole puncher, have an adult tie a string around the mask and your face.

Random drawing prompts

  1. Draw an alien from another planet.

  2. Recreate a famous work of art like the Starry Night.

  3. Make a Treasure Map.

  4. Design an awesome forest.

  5. Use a square and turn it into drawing of a real object.

  6. Create a Maze.

  7. Fill the page with circles or your favorite shape and color each shape a different color.

  8. Draw a gross insect.

  9. Draw a picture of you and your friends playing on the playground.

  10. Draw a picture a picture of you in a costume for the job you want to have when you grow up.

Coloring sheets

Here are some coloring sheets I made on my own for you as well as some from the web! I will progressively add more to this as well.

Coloring Page-AH

Baby Dragon

Coloring Page 2


Coloring page 3


Coloring page 4

Hot Air Balloons

Coloring Page 5

The desert

Coloring Page 6

Outer space

Coloring Page 7

Christmas tree

Coloring Page 8

Mountain View

Coloring Page 9

Under the Sea Creatures

Coloring Page 10


Coloring Page 11


Coloring Page 12


Coloring Page 13


Coloring Page 14


Coloring Page 15


Coloring Page 16


Coloring Page 17

Playing with the sand

Coloring Page 18


Coloring Page 19

Baby Unicorn

Coloring Page 20

Baby Dragon

FlipGrid Video

Upload a video of you explaining your drawing or just showing me a picture of your artwork. You need a guardian or teacher for this.

Instructions: Just tap on the image and then you will see an arrow in the box. When it launches it will ask you to sign into an email. Lastly, you can record your response.