Creativity Spot

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This is a spot where any child can let their imagination run wild! Whether it be by writing adventurous stories or making the most beautiful pieces of art the world could ever ask for, let your brain have some fun while creating. Keep in mind the help of a teacher or guardian is required.

On the bottom you can click the left button where it says Writing to unlock a world to numerous writing prompts and reflections for younger and older children. Click the right button to take you to the art section where you can draw and color!

Being creative is an important process for children with ASD and allows them to learn more about themselves and other knowledge in school.

Send me your work!

I would love to read all of your amazing stories and see all of your amazing artistic creations. All of your work will be featured down below.

Send me a picture! I prefer reaching out to my business email, but if I don't get back to you by three business days, send it to my personal email.

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